Jewlia's Radical Dentistry Project

Dear Extended Family of Jewlia and Charming Hostess,

Keep an eye out for debris in the bike lane. Yesterday I was riding home to SF from the Headlands where I am an AIR. I went through
some glass, my front tire popped and I flew over the handlebars, landing
face first. I now have 48 stitches in my face and left most of my teeth
on the side of the road.

The dentist said: You don't look as bad as I expected!
I said: Wow, you've seen someone who looked worse than this?
He said: Yeah. He jumped out of a plane, and his parachute didn't

I didn't find that super-comforting, but I do feel blessed that I didn't
break my head, neck or spine. Yay, helmets! Yay, medical care! The
docs say I will be up and running in a month, but it's smoothies, soup
and percocet between now and then.

There will be no Charming Hostess preview performances of The Bowls Project in May, because I can't move my mouth. But stay tuned for the dental benefit concert! Thanks to everone that has sent their kind thoughts, it makes a big difference--more than I can say.

Love and toothless kisses to everyone,


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Charming Hostess | San Francisco, CA

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