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Happy Post-Love Day!

Yay rain, yay wet earth. Good time for planting seeds, and that's what Charming Hostess is doing! This year we are starting a new project called THE GINZBURG GEOGRAPHY. The Ginzburg Geography is an immersive performance installation based on the life and work of Natalia and Leone Ginzburg, mid 20th-century Italian Jews famous for anti-fascist resistance and intellectual brilliance. This participatory piece draws from their writings to explore physical place, memory and interpretive strategy through the medium of radical cartography. Radical cartography means using new tools to create unusual maps of non-traditional information. The Ginzburg Geography will be a series of sonic and spatial maps that track themes of love, resistance, exile, and liberation in the Ginzburgs’ lives and in the lives of every visitor participant.

We are really excited about the opportunity to workshop this project at the University of Colorado in Boulder where we will be in residence February 25-March 10. Before we go, the ChoHo alter-egos-from-1920s-Salonika, aka Gramophone and Dynamo, will be performing some music about sex, violence, and bad drugs. After we get back, we got some SF shows with great folks like Frank London and Yair Dalal. And below the information, some videos of our winter performances at the Paramount and the Subterranean.

Seedbombs and hearts,

Charming Hostess

Gramophone and Dynamo
Thursday, February 16
Starry Plough
Berkeley, CA
W/ Radio Istanbul and Inspector Gadje $10
9PM--we play first

Jewlia and Jason launch residency
Monday, February 27
Atlas Lobby at CU
Boulder, CO

Jewlia gets into really, really big maps
Wednesday, March 7

Atlas Theater at CU
Boulder, CO

ChoHo concert
Thursday, March 8

7:30PM and 9PM
Atlas Theater at CU
Boulder, CO

ChoHo Videos

Here's Jewlia with Kugelplex at the Paramount, doing a Khanukah song about eggplant: http://youtu.be/4SPwzYfIOHA


And here's the same crew plus Joan Baez: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NHQqt3ryCI

ChoHo loves Mary, the OG Mary that is: http://youtu.be/81fr-9ipW7Y



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