Charming Headlands, Over and Out

Dear Charming Friends,

Well, my residency at the Headlands is drawing to a close. Though I miss my lost teeth, I am very excited about the work we've done in this amazing space. To celebrate the Bowls Project so far, and to bid a temporary farewell to the dome, we will be hosting a small performance this week. This version of Charming Hostess includes Jewlia Eisenberg and Jason Ditzian. It is a rare opportunity to hear a pirate lisping in Aramaic.

This small show is only being noticed to those who RSVP'ed to the previous show & blog subscribers. If you or friends are interested in attending this time, drop us a line and we will resend directions. We have space for the first 20 people to respond.

Hope to see you!

Charming Hostess

The Bowls Project: A Preview with Charming Hostess
Wednesday, June 6
8 PM Headlands Center for the Arts

Charming Hostess | San Francisco, CA