Dear Friends of ChoHo,

Summertime is apparently coming in, so sing cuccu nu. Or listen to someone else sing cuccu nu, among other incomprehensible things. This week Charming Hostess is workshopping Cafe Salonika, music at the intersection of Greek rebetika and Sephardic-Balkan folk. This project has been slow getting started for health reasons but is now rolling rolling rolling. The Armenian psychedelic monks of Khi Darag will be joining us and I imagine it will be rough, ready and rocking. We'd love to get your feedback at this early stage. Hope to see you Sunday!

Jewlia/Charming Hostess

Charming Hostess presents CAFE SALONIKA
Sunday June 14
853 Valencia
San Francisco, CA
with Kugelplex!
$7 (we play first)

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Jako- Musicians: Rob Reich, Jason Ditzian & Jewlia Eisenberg. Contemporary Rebetika

Charming Hostess | San Francisco, CA

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