Dear ChoHo Friends Across the Pond,

Dropping you a note to say, Charming Hostess founder, Jewlia Eisenberg, will be performing at the Krakow Jewish Culture Festival. See "Shalom on Szeroka Street" on July 5th at 6pm. Jewlia will be performing with "The Ark", a collaboration of nine singularly innovative artists from Israel, Ukraine, New York, New Orleans and the Bay Area.

Wanna see how it turned out?

The Ark live in Krakow - Novio from Jewish Music Festival.

This project features Frank London, Aaron Alexander, Avi Avital, Stuart Brotman, Glenn Hartman, Mariana Sadowska, John Schott, Jessica Ivry, and Jewlia. Can't make the show, watch live Webstreaming of Krakow concert.

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