May Day PixDear Friends,

Playing two shows this week: one happy, one sad; one outside, one inside; one the best of times, one the worst of times, etc. Info below, hope to see you!

We have some other good news: the fabulous Porter Records will be putting out our very first LP! Yes, vinyl.

Side One is music for Sophocles’ Antigone which Charming Hostess and friends performed with the ensemble Ripe Time in New York. Side Two, HEAVENSHOW, is an electro-acoustic piece based on the Hebrew letter Hei, exploring the idea of divine breath. It was commissioned by John Zorn for the Contemporary Jewish Museum.

Though it will be a while until the record is in hand, you can preview a track here:

Charming Hostess

May 7
Jewlia with Kugelplex
Jessie Square
(by the Contemporary Jewish Museum,
across from Yerba Buena Gardens)
San Francisco, CA
6 PM

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May 8
Charming Hostess
Benefit for Tristan Anderson
AK Press Warehouse
674-A 23rd Street
Oakland, CA
We play at 8PM
$7-$25 donation requested.
Also: Devin Hoff and Molotov Mouths
More info:

Charming Hostess | San Francisco, CA

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