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It's a big lullaby week this week for all of us that tend to get really worked up and throw our shoes at the television. Below are your lullaby opportunities, brought to you by the extended family of Charming Hostess. Happy New Year, everybody!

1. Cynthia Hostess has recorded a lullaby album. It's also her birthday this week! Check out this lovely CD here, guaranteed to appeal to the shorty in your life.

2. Jewlia Hostess had a mixed week this week. On one hand, she won a Creative Work Fund grant with the Magnes Museum to present The Bowls Project. On the other hand, she has pneumonia, can't breathe, and is supposed to relax. Lullabies to the rescue! Here's one from her performance with The Ark in Krakow.


Video of "Durme, Durme", Krakow, Summer 2008.


3. Kitka, our dear friends and a cappella heroines, have an amazing lullaby program to share: Kitka Sings Lullabies and Songs of Childhood
The gentle rhythms, lilting melodies, and poetic texts of traditional lullabies give voice to the innermost psyche of a mother. Through this voice, a child is ushered to the gateways of dreams, language, and culture. Kitka has collected and arranged a stunning set of Eastern European cradle songs, together with songs sung by the young, songs sung by grown children confiding in or remembering their parents, and songs that reflect on youth and aging.

While families are welcome to attend, these concerts are not designed as children's performances, but rather as deep listening experiences.

OAKLAND: Thursday, October 9, 8 PM
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
114 Montecito Ave.

SAN FRANCISCO: Friday, October 10, 8 PM
St. Gregory’s Church
500 De Haro St.

GRASS VALLEY: Saturday, October 11, 8 PM
St. Joseph’s Cultural Center
401 S. Church St.

MENLO PARK: Sunday, October 12, 4 PM
St. Bede’s Church
2650 Sand Hill Rd.

Reservations and Info or call 510.444.0323


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