Teraphim: Installation and Performance

Jewlia and Charming Hostess spend December in residency at Meridian Gallery in SF, with our new installation called Teraphim. Teraphim are house-gods: mysterious figures used for home spirit practice in the ancient Near East. They may be the earthly manifestation of deified ancestors, or a physical representative of gods on earth. They are objects of power, consulted primarily for divining the future, but also to establish authority within a family. They are used by heavy hitters like Rachel and Mikhal in the Hebrew Bible. The constellation of thought around teraphim embraces fun, fear and fascination. From this fascination, the installation Teraphim was born: a cosmopolitan spirit space, ancient and modern, dynamic and peaceful, playful and thoughtful, where there is room for variety both in divine expression and human participation. Join us at Teraphim for music, exploratory praxis (hepatoscopy, belomancy), text study, and contemplation.

Meridian Gallery Residency: Dark Nights, Bright Lights
Thursdays in December: 6, 13, 20
Participate in Teraphim. Don't worry, no one will make you worship idols. You can think about what makes an object or practice sacred…or you can just have a good time in a cool space.
8PM: Jewish music series. Charming Hostess will open each evening with a short set and then be followed by Jewish luminaries who will light up this intimate space. Get apocalyptic for Khanukah!

Thursday, December 6
Teraphim: 12PM-5PM
Charming Hostess and I-Tal-Y: 8PM

Thursday, December 13
Teraphim: 12PM-5PM
Artist Talk: 1PM
Charming Hostess and Jeremiah Lockwood: 8PM

Thursday, December 20
Teraphim: 12PM-5PM
Text Study: 1PM
Charming Hostess and Kugelplex: 8PM

Meridian Gallery
535 Powell St.
San Francisco, CA

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Charming Hostess | San Francisco, CA

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