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Dear Friends,

We are back in the Bay...damp but exultant. We really enjoyed our residency at the University of Colorado at Boulder, getting started on The Ginzburg Geography. Our opening foray into deep mapping was way fun! We are falling in love with cartography, learning about sonic, spatial, textual and spiritual mapping. This project is about mapping people's journeys, looking for parallels with the journeys of Natalia and Leone Ginzburg. Beginnings documented in two places:

Charming Hostess and Gramophone & Dynamo
Friday 16 March
Red Poppy Art House
2698 Folsom St

Jewlia with Bavel/Ashkenaz
(Yair Dalal and Frank London)
Sunday 25 March
Jewish Music Festival
Sherith Israel
2266 California St

Flyaway Dancers

And we got to perform with former hostess Nina Rolle, now rocking Boulder (FoChoHoN-Ro in Bo). Here we are singing beloved Italian communist ditties with lyrics such as: "It's true we are women, but we are fearless--we have big mouths and we will defend ourselves. For the love of our children, we fight for the union! The union will rise--we want freedom!"

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Charming Hostess | San Francisco, CA

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