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Performing Diaspora Charming Hostess is honored to be part of Performing Diaspora at CounterPULSE. This is a residency leading to a festival, where all the artists are are exploring, experimenting with, and expanding traditional forms. Our part is to workshop The Ginzburg Geography; and we are in great company--the work of the other artists is powerful. Read more about Performing Diaspora or check out an open work-in-progress day, see below.

UCLA We are beyond excited about this one. So we've been working on The Ginzburg Geography, on place in the lives and work of anti-fascist intellectuals Natalia and Leone Ginzburg. Now UCLA is bringing us down to present the work so far, which is great. The OMG element: They are also bringing the Ginzburg's son Carlo all the way from Italy to help deepen and contextualize the work! We are so excited to have this chance to spend time with him! In addition to the insights he can share with us about The Ginzburg Geography so far, he is a pioneer of heresy and non-compliant European spiritual practices. Pretty cool! Shows below.

The Song of Seven This project is still in the embryonic stages. It is a collaboration with environmental group Hazon, who is working to re-imagine Shmita: A biblical seven-year cycle where agricultural commerce is adjusted to enable a more just society, economy and environment. In the Shmita year--which is next year--debts are forgiven, land lies fallow,and food is redistributed to all. Jewlia Eisenberg will participate in this re-imagining process as a cantor and a composer, activating the sonic part of Shmita culture, musically celebrating the six years of labor and the year of rest and sharing.

Los Angeles
June 5

ChoHo: The Ginzburg Geography with Carlo Ginzburg
1023 Hilgard Ave
Los Angeles, CA
RSVP only:

Los Angeles
June 6

ChoHo: The Bowls Project Levantine Cultural Center
5998 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
$10 in advance, $12 at door

San Francisco
June 29

ChoHo workshops the Ginzburg Geography
Performing Diaspora open workshop day
Not sure what time we will be happening but everyone is good.
1310 Mission St
San Francisco, CA


Cave ConcertsCave Concert Curated by the fabulous mighty Laura Inserra, the cave concert is an experiential sound journey which takes place in a repurposed military tunnel. This one featured Gamelan Sekar Jaya, Gamelan X, and Laura & her Sugar Khaens, see pix below. Jewlia is so excited to write new music for the khaen!

New York Wow, it was fun to perform the Bowls Project in NY with ChoHo vets Marika Hughes and Ganda Suthivarikom, and new friend of ChoHo, banjo-player Brandon Seabrook. Sold out and rocking! This came right after Jewlia's participation in the Six Points Asylum gathering. Barbes

Italian Neorealist Movie Night Send your name in if you want to be on the invite list for this. We are trying to immerse ourselves visually in neorealist cinema from Italy in the 1940s and 50s. Don't come if you are in the mood for something escapist and cheerful. Do come if you want to see a lot of Anna Magnani.

What should I read this summer? Family Sayings by Natalia Ginzburg. This fictional memoir/autobiographical novel is about the Ginzburg family from the rise of Fascism through World War II. It's woven around little things people in the family used to say. Read it and you will love the Ginzburgs like we do.

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