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Happy revolutionary harvest festival!

Come celebrate joy and struggle in the OccupySF sukkah with Charming Hostess and friends! A sukkah is a temporary harvest structure where we sing, drink, eat, and welcome our beloved ancestor spirits.

If you want, you can bring something to share, something to donate*, or something to decorate the sukkah. We will be in the satellite camp--so not on Market Street but slightly north up the Embarcadero at Sue Bierman Park. This space will be welcoming to all ages and all people, it is kid-friendly and wheelchair accessible. See you there!


OccupySF sukkah with Charming Hostess
Sunday October 16
Sue Bierman Park


*OccupySF asks that any food that is donated to them be individually wrapped. They need other stuff too, as you can see on their website.

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Charming Hostess | San Francisco, CA

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