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Sarajevo Blues CD cover
THE BOWLS PROJECT: on Tzadik sings of mysticism and magic, angels and demons, and the trials and joys of love and sex. It is based on inscriptions from ancient Babylonian Jewish amulets. Especially audible are the voices of Talmudic-era women: their work, hopes and dreams. Weaving together Babylonian devotional songs, apocalyptic American folk music and a radical take on ritual power, The Bowls Project marks the deepest and most creative work by Charming Hostess yet.

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Sarajevo Blues CD cover
SARAJEVO BLUES: Following up on the enormous success of Trilectic, Jewlia Eisenberg's Charming Hostess gives us a remarkable program scored for voices, beatbox, and string trio. Juxtaposing music and text from the Jewish, African, and Bosnian Diasporas, Charming Hostess sings of genocide and nationalism, freedom under siege, the nature of evil, and resisting war by any means necessary--themes that Jews think about, maybe even obsess over. Incorporating Jewish, Balkan and Sufi musical influences, Jewlia's boldly original compositional voice weds the sexy, soulful sound of 60's girl groups to the ambition and scope of 21st century classical music. Sarajevo Blues is an exciting new release with some of the most creative women working in new music today.

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TRILECTIC: The heart of Jewlia/ChoHo's 2002 release, “Trilectic,” is a song cycle for female voices exploring the tumultuous relationship of two radicals: Walter Benjamin (critic/philosopher of aesthetics, language and history) and Asja Lacis (Bolshevik firebrand and queen of agitprop). These two had an intense connection, both political and erotic. They talk about whether Benjamin should join the Communist party, what’s wrong with Zionism, and how the masses are controlled by spectacle. But they also discuss their sensual world---for instance, what it’s like to lie in bed with a lover, just kissing and touching. The music is both sexy and cerebral, as suits these lefty nerds in love. Released on Tzadik's Radical Jewish Culture Series.

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PUNCH: The Hostesses here are an extraordinary 7 piece band: tight, a little rockish, comprising bass, drums, guitar, fiddle, various horns, accordion and other occasional instruments (singing saw, for instance) - but the work is distinguished by the amazing vocal arrangements (everyone sings, and exceptionally). Full of additive rhythms stretched harmonies and pinpoint playing, this is evolved material, executed with great skill - and great looseness. Some traditional pieces from Bulgaria, Palestine, Transylvania and Southern America appear in very personalized arrangements alongside original songs that lean on zydeco and traditional American folk music.

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EAT: A hoedown where bodacious babes belt the blues in Bulgarian while a punk-klezmer band rocks out in accompaniment.


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THICK: Marika & Jewlia from Charming Hostess put out THICK: Art-funk! The seedy underbelly of the Supremes! This CD by Charming Hostesses Jewlia Eisenberg and Marika Hughes features songs about sexuality and its discontents. Thick is filled with passion, catchy hooks and avant-garde lyricism. Just released on the Tzadik Oracles series 2004. Read an early review.

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dancers"FireThrows" “Visually stunning, mesmerizing, intoxicating, enchanting, and breathtaking.” (Time Out, New York Times, The New Yorker) Written and Directed by Rachel Dickstein based on Sophocles' ANTIGONE. Featuring: Erica Berg, Laura Butler, Kiebpoli Calnek, John Campion, Kimiye Corwin, Juliana Francis-Kelly, Kyle Leland, Paula McGonagle, Jorge Rubio, Caesar Samayoa. Footage shot by Marc Robison and edited by Rachel Dickstein. Music by Charming Hostess with Jewlia Eisenberg, Dina Macabee, Marika Hughes, Jason Ditzian, and Vlada Tomova. Watch Fire Throws


The Grim Arithmetic of Water"The Grim Arithmetic of Water" is an evening length dance performance that responds to the urgencies of water-its scarcity, its depletion, its contamination, and our inescapable need for it. The piece will layer gesture, force, tenderness, and a vital physicality to communicate the impact of water's scarcity on the human body." Watch The Grim Arithmetic of Water

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"A Biography of Lilith" opens with the story of Lilith, the first woman, for some the first feminist, who left Eden vowing vengeance for Adam's treatment of her. In Lynne Sach's beautiful meditation, a modern Lilith muses on the choices she has made, while intertitles chronicle historical superstitions regarding Lilith's power, and songs and compositions by Charming Hostess help give her voice."



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